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Katrina K. Jessoe

Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis




Untapped Potential: Leak Reduction is the Most Cost-effective Urban Water Management Tool, Environmental Research Letters, accepted, with A. Rupiper, J. Weill, E. Bruno and F. Loge.

Journal Article

Residential Water Conservation During Drought: Experimental Evidence from Three Behavioral Interventions, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 110, 2021: 102519, with G. Lade, F. Loge and E. Spang. 

Working paper; Journal Article


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Working paper; Journal Article


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Journal Article


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Working paper; Journal Article


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Working paper


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Working paper


Climate Change and Labor Allocation in Rural Mexico: Evidence from Annual Fluctuations in Weather, The Economic Journal, 128, February 2018: 230-261, with D. Manning and J. E. Taylor.

Working paper; Journal Article


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Working paper; Smart Grid Handbook


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Working paper; Journal Article


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Working paper; Journal Article


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Working paper; Appendix; Journal Article


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Manuscript; Appendix; Journal Article


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Manuscript; Journal Article


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Journal Article


Working Papers

The Dynamic Impacts of Pricing Groundwater Externalities (with E. Bruno and M. Hanemann)

Working Paper